Residential- Complete Exterior T.I., Condo Building; Hermosa Beach, CA. Construction slated to begin Fall 2024

Healthcare- Complete Exterior T.I., Hospital; East Los Angeles, CA. City of LA Planning Dept. Approved

Residential- Remodel with addition; RPV, CA. 

Residential- Ground Up; Manhattan Beach, CA. 

Commercial- ThermoFisher Conference Center; South San Francisco, CA. 

Commercial- Ice Cream Shop; Hermosa Beach Pier, CA. 

Commercial- Barber Shop for Children; Manhattan Beach, CA. 

Commercial- Restaurant; Redondo Beach, CA. 

Residential-  Ground Up 2-story 3bed2bath; Hermosa Beach, CA. 

Residential-  Remodel with addition - Torrance, CA

Healthcare- Ground Up, Assisted Living Facility; Long Beach, CA. 

Residential-  Ground Up ADU; Gardena, CA. 

Residential-  Ground Up; El Segundo, CA. 

Residential-  Ground Up with detached ADU; Venice, CA. 

OSHPD Architect - Skilled Nursing Facility and Hospitals; New, Remodel and Maintenance Projects

Healthcare- Skilled Nursing Facility Architect Specialist. 

Ground up, additions, maintenance, remodels throughout California.

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